Your headshot says a lot about you. A poised, natural-looking image sends a very different message than a “selfie."  Approaching a situation, whether it's a job interview, a sales presentation or audition for your next acting role, is a totally different experience when the decision maker has already seen a great headshot.  Your headshot should do more than reflect where you are today, it should also project where you want to be tomorrow. 

I've provided headshots for a wide-range of professionals, actors, models and entrepreneurs. I invite you to review my headshot gallery below to see how I've captured my clients' charming, winning personalities.
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Headshots for Business Professionals

Ever see LinkedIn profiles with no picture or even worse a selfie snapshot as the bio photo? Combining the right image, with your name and your expertise are certainly important to establishing a professional web presence.

Whether you're a corporate executive, job seeker or an industry leader, you need a dynamic headshot that shows you looking your best. This is because facial recognition is planted deeply in the human mind. It's to your advantage to share a headshot that makes a compelling and memorable statement without you speaking a single word.

Corporate executives, doctors, lawyers, authors, and a variety of other professionals trust me to make a lasting statement with their images and I’ll do the same for you. When you're ready to compliment your killer skills and talents with a stand-out headshot,
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Headshots for Entrepreneurs

Ever hear a picture is worth a thousand words? This statement especially holds true for entrepreneurs. Because you’re the face of your brand, your photo has a serious job to do – present your brand in a professional and authentic way before you say one word.

The service and results you deliver are incredible. The trouble is your current photo says you’re average and boring instead of awesome and approachable. You, my friend, need a headshot that brings your unique character to the forefront. And that's just what I do.

I combine your winning personality with the right lighting to take your brand from the mundane to the marketable. When you're ready to have a headshot that you can be proud of,
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Headshots for Actors & Models

Does this story sound familiar?

You know something is holding you back from landing your dream role and believe it may be your headshot. For some reason you aren’t feeling confident about your headshot photos and you think it has to be because of those photos you are using – you know, the ones you picked up at a super low price.

And, you’re right. Having a poor headshot can prevent you from advancing your acting or modeling career. If you're not proud of your photo, how can you expect a casting director to be impressed? You've got one shot and mediocrity has no place in your line of work. A gazillion actors and models line up every day to go after the same opportunity, and you need to stand out.

Instead of taking random snapshots, we work together to create and capture your natural and contrived expressions to make sure your headshot seduces the intended audience. When you're ready to turn heads and get them to say "you're the one we want,"
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Take Your Best Shot

I turn each headshot session into a memorable experience. For me, headshot photography is not just about taking professional pictures, it's about capturing your natural beauty and complex character. Your headshot is more about who you are as a person than about you look like.

My approach is simple. First, we identify your brand message – what you want your headshot to say about you. Next, I coach you on natural expressions and how to convey the right emotion in order to make sure we compliment your brand statement with captivating headshots that are perfectly you. Finally, we review, discuss and identify the shots that best represent you and your brand.

Your session will last about 90 minutes in my studio in Orlando, Florida.
Want me to come to your office? Let's talk about your location.
I will provide headshots in Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Each headshot session includes:

  • A pre-shoot consultation where I share my secrets on how you can prepare for the most stress-free experience.
  • A brand-focused and industry-driven headshot session, with expression coaching and real-time image review.
  • A final image review consultation immediately after the session, where we select exactly the right shots.
  • A relaxing, fun environment!  You'll go from "I hate taking pictures" to "I look and feel like a million bucks."
  • Professional retouching services to enhance your natural appearance.
  • The option to turn your headshot into powerful promotional prints and products.

As a headshot photographer, I don't just snap a photo of your head; I give you a marketing tool designed to get you where you want to go. Ready to harness your professional potential? Drop me a line.