From the Expression Coach™

Thank you for visiting my website. I am dedicated to helping my clients express their very best in front of the camera. Whenever you are ready to capture the best version of yourself, give me a call.

Words, phrases, tone, voice inflection, and body-language all help us to communicate effectively. But in a photo, the only way to "say something" is through body language and expression. We call that visual and nonverbal communication. As an Expression Coach™ I help my clients tap into their visual an nonverbal communication skills to express and convey characteristics that capture the attention of their intended audience.

People hire me because they want compelling images that send the right message. I capture some of life’s greatest moments for families, expecting parents, loving couples, graduating seniors, and all of life’s milestone occasions. I create images for entrepreneurs, actors and models, and business professionals that say all the right things. And whether you want a professional headshot or a memorable portrait, I create photos that tell compelling stories words can’t express.

My Story

As an adolescent, I spent hours drawing, writing and playing the piano. I gleaned inspiration from many artists and tried to replicate their magic and brilliance in my own creations.

I love art, but something was missing. The soloist mentality of writing, drawing and playing the piano just didn’t fulfill me, and then I did it …

I picked up a digital camera and found my true love. With the very first click of my new toy, I was fascinated by the relationships that photography creates between people and the beautiful things in life like love, laughter and tears of joy.

Seven years later, I’m still madly in love with the stories that unfold in front of the camera. Along my journey, I studied lighting techniques, participated in several photography workshops, and uncovered my true calling – headshot and portrait photography.

My passion for people is what makes me a great photographer. I wake up every morning delighted to start the day because of the twinkle in my clients’ eyes when I create classic, timeless images that make them look and feel amazing. And what really warms my heart is when I can capture people’s charisma despite their fears of the camera. When you see your photos, and your face lights up with a big smile, I know I’ve done my job. 

I invite you to browse my portfolio and experience the many beautiful stories I’ve captured.